From Grant Road to grand success!

>> At this time tomorrow, Mickey Mehta, India’s numero uno wellness coach and friend, philosopher, guru to some of its most famous individuals (read Kokilaben Ambani, Rajashree Birla, Ajay Mittal and family and the Ambani progeny) will turn 50, and complete 30 years of his astonishing career. We have known Mickey for almost two decades now and have been continually impressed by his ever-growing popularity and success. From being the wellness coach to a slew of international beauty queens, to his phenomenally ubiquitous TV, radio and web presence, Mickey has long stopped being a health guru and in fact, is a one man industry.

What’s best is that success hasn’t changed him or made him arrogant or smug. “My story starts from Grant Road where I was born,” says the wellness coach who wears Armani, drives a top line Mercedes and jets across the world to meet clients. “From Grant Road to the grand mansions I visit every day, it’s a story that proves that success and appreciation comes to whoever works hard and believes in goodness and positivity.”¬†With many firsts and record-breaking feats to his credit, he has revolutionised the concept of Learn Swimming in 24 hours, which put him in the Limca Book of World Records.

Mickey Mehta and Mickey Mehta
Mickey Mehta training at his gym. (left) Mickey Mehta as a young boy

He was the first to start equipment free gyms with his brand Mickey Mehta’s 360 Gyms and is the only Indian health/wellness guru who interacts with users online and provides them with content for free (and is followed across 23 countries). There is still a lot Mickey wants to achieve: new holistic wellness centres in Mumbai and Tier-1 Indian cities, launching new business verticals on (web-based health consultancy, corporate workshop drive for major corporations, venturing into a health and wellness based lifestyle magazine and launching his own wellness TV channel amongst others).

But it is for Mickey’s ideology that has most gained him recognition and success. “I tell all my clients – if you want to build strong arms, uplift the poor, if you want to lose weight, give away 50 per cent of your food and if you want strong shoulders, uplift people’s lives,” he says. So, happy birthday Mickey. Some day, we too shall follow your advice and achieve 360-degree fabulousity. We promise!

Guess who’s dressing up!
>> We are always amazed at the high life that the city’s high rollers live. Apparently, a fortnight ago, one of Saville Row’s best suit makers had visited Mumbai to measure some very discerning men. Our informer tells us that besides the handful of top industrialists his clients included some interesting new names: Sachin Tendulkar and Farhan Akhtar. Like those two need to look any more dishy!

Sachin Tendulkar and Farhan Akhtar.

Chocolates to die for
>> We met India’s most stylish chocolatier, the lissome Zeba Kohli who was exuding an oomph that only the finest chocolates can give. “I’m bursting with excitement,” said the attractive South Mumbai entrepreneur. “Because in a few days the fruits of some of my very intensive new work in chocolates will be ready to roll out,” said the lady who inherited her chocolate business from one of Mumbai’s oldest families.

Zeba Kohli and Ritu Nanda
Zeba Kohli and Ritu Nanda

“I have introduced a whole new line of absolutely delicious mouth wateringingly scrumptious chocolates with molten flavoured centres and a distinct sensuality,” said the entrepreneur who has hired Mumbai’s ace design team of Ritu Nanda and Elsie Nanji to redecorate her stores in Mumbai and Pune and repackage the wares. “We spent days in tastings along with Ashok Kurien and believe me, it was the chocolates that got everyone’s creative juices flowing,” she said. “In a couple of weeks all this will be available to our chocoholic fans.” We like. And drool!

What on earth is she thinking?
>> Oh dear, who is the attractive wife of a middle-level executive who is reported to be seeing a bit too much of a high-flying entrepreneur who made big bucks on the new economy? And what on earth is she doing this for, asks a catty friend. “After all, she doesn’t need to get her baubles and bags this way!”

Literary laughter
>> It’s always a pleasure to meet India’s best selling author Chetan Bhagat, and so when we ran into him and his charming investment banker wife Anusha at AD Singh’s party to celebrate the fourth anniversary of Olive at the Racecourse, we engaged in some high-class literary gossip: guess what you get when you have literary giants like Pico Iyer, Vikram Seth, Hari Kunzru and Chetan Bhagat on the same dinner table?

Amitabh Bachchan

The answer according to Bhagat is: a laugh riot! Apparently, so raucous and high-spirited was the table consisting of these (supposedly) serious guys at the Jaipur literature Festival that Amitabh Bachchan left his own and joined the group. “He came over saying, he couldn’t resist our laughter.” As for the next best-seller, Bhagat says he’s ‘working on it’.¬†

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