Full circle and loving it

The claim of being Mumbai's only revolving restaurant apart, UFO offers a wide range of cuisines backed by good service and competent standards. Our advice? Ignore the kitschy interiors and the less-than-alluring view to focus on the food

UFO might sound like a unique name for a restaurant, but considering that it's a revolving one, we tried to relate to the context.

An interior shot of UFO, a revolving restaurant in Kandivali (E)

The first thing that one checks when one steps into the circular, blue-light lit joint with white interiors and pictures of space ships, is that whether one is getting what was promised Is it actually moving?
Well, at first glance you might be disappointed because the pace is slower than expected, but we guessed that the speed is set keeping in mind that people would be eating there.

Making our peace with the interiors, which were slightly irritating to the eyes because of the blue light, but quite in tune with the theme of the restaurant, we got on to business food. There was a wide range on offer spreading across Indian, Continental and Oriental cuisines. We began, closer home, with desi fare.

Wok Tossed Vegetables

We ordered for Corn Seekh Kabab (Rs 200) and a portion of Chicken Aalishan Kabab (Rs 250). While the vegetarian dish, made from grated sweet corn and mashed potatoes was extremely soft and appetising, the spicy chicken starter, served with the quintessential green chutney, didn't impress much.

Wasting no time, we ordered our mains, by deciding to do a mix-and-match of Indian and Chinese platters. We called in for Chicken Jalfrezi (Rs 300) and Tandoori Roti (Rs 30) and the Burnt Garlic Fried Rice (Rs 250) accompanied by Wok Tossed Vegetables (Rs 260).

While the rice and the vegetables, which are made with garlic sauce and a tinge of black pepper were scrumptious, the Indian dishes failed to make a mark, yet again.

Towards the end of our time at UFO, we were tempted to give the Continental cuisine a try. The Ortalano Pizza (Rs 250), which came with burnt onions and black olives as toppings was delicious. Choose to ignore the calories and you'll relish it more.

Chicken Aalishan Kabab

Interestingly, we noticed that by the time we had indulged ourselves, we had come back from where we started; the restaurant was moving after all!

The staff was friendly and the service is worth a mention. We couldn't help but notice that orders were taken on a touch pad, which sends the order directly to the kitchen. Clearly, this restaurant comes with the technology and gizmos to take it to the final frontier.

At UFO, Unit No 321, 322, Dimple Arcade, Thakur Complex, Kandivali (E).
Call 42952205
UFO didn't know we were there.
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