Funky tools for school

Can’t find your English notebook? You should’ve filed it. That’s right, file your notebooks with this Keep It Together file by Rubberband.
Price: Rs 380
Available at: Everyday Project, #33 Mahalaxmi Arch
Below Mahalaxmi Flyover, Mahalaxmi
pic/Sunil Tiwari

Get an eccentric Clipboard by Play Clan to put some fun into your class.
Price: R375
Available at: Play Clan, Shop 4, Libra Towers, Opp. St Peters Church, Hill Road, Bandra West

Inject some fun into those classes with a syringe pen! But be careful when you use it, it just might get stolen.
Price: R125
Available at:

Pen down your thoughts with these fun and colourful Angry Bird pencils.
Price: R20
Available at: Shubham Collection store, Abdul Rehman Street
pic/Sunil Tiwari

Who wouldn’t want a cute little pig securing their papers together? These little paper clips feature various
animal forms and are designed in a way that shows off the cute animal shapes to full effect. Price: R199
(for a pack of 20)
Available at:

Gone are the days when you identified your notebooks by names on labels. These classy Vintage notebooks are all you need to spot what’s yours.
Price: R375
Available at: Filter, Shop No. 3, 43 V. B. Gandhi Marg, Kala Ghoda, Colaba

Sharpening those pencils will never be as fun without this sharpener cum
Price: R20
Available at: Dhansamrat Shop, Abdul Rehman Street
pic/Sunil Tiwari

Plant a cactus in those dry classes and watch it thrive. This cactus pen just screams fun. The question is, are you brave enough to hold it?
Price: R249
Available at:

What’s more red than a blood-red liquid bookmark that flows onto the front of your book? This Kyouei bookmark is all you need to mark that page.
Price: R1245
Available at: Everyday Project, #33 Mahalaxmi Arch, Below Mahalaxmi Flyover, Mahalaxmi pic/Sunil Tiwari 



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