After an unexplained leave of nearly two months, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi returned from his sabbatical on Thursday. Twitter was abuzz with reactions following the development. Have a read.

All I'm saying is he's been relaunched so many times, this better be a 13 Inch Gold, Rahul Gandhi Air with Retina Display.

Rahul Gandhi is back with Escape Velocity Pun totally intended

ModiinCanada #modiinfrance #ModiInToronto & #RahulGandhi in India #rahulreturns

#RahulGandhi is back from summer holidays...Don't annoy him he is already feeling sad to go back to Parliament..

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#RahulGandhi Finally NASA has found him.

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Reaction of Sachin and Sehwag on Rahul Gandhi's comeback!
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Rahul Gandhi waited at the airport,
Was found whispering *Mujhe lene sab ayenge ya nahi!". #RaGaReturns

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Special Chota Bheem episodes whole day long for welcoming return of #RahulGandhi #PappuReturns

So, Rahul Gandhi returns after (reportedly) having worked on a book for two months. He's finished colouring all the pages #RahulReturns

I.Q of #RahulGandhi on Leave / Vacation = 0.000001
I.Q after #RahulReturns from Leave /Vacation = 0.000000

Scene Outside External Affairs Ministry Office On The News Of Rahul Gandhi's Return

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#RahulGandhi is back after 56 days ... #AbTakChaapan ... Now we have to see if there will be a sequel #AbTakChaapan 2

Rahul Gandhi has returned.
About as exciting as the return of Terminator 2015

Kash 2 maheene baad Aam Adami bankar laute ho #RahulGandhi

Apparently Rahul Gandhi couldn't miss the #IPL and hence had to cut short his visit

Rahul Gandhi returns.. in an another unrelated news Akshay Kumar to make sequel of Joker named Joker Returns.. #rahulreturns

#rahulreturns #RahulOnLeave #RahulGandhi Congress anthem:
Yesterday:'O naadaan parinde ghar aaja'.
Today: 'Mera piya ghar Aaya'

Rahul Gandhi is like a tv show which keeps getting repackaged and re launched with no change in content. #epicfail

Now #KapilSharma can finally take a holiday #PappuReturns

Rahul Gandhi must be like "There's no winning with people. When I gave speeches, they wanted me to go. Now that I'm gone, they want me back"