Shillong: Concerned about the administrative logjam in Indian boxing, Olympic bronze-medallist MC Mary Kom yesterday said future seems dark for the country's pugilists, who are losing motivation to train.

Mary Kom
Mary Kom

India does not have a national federation after the International Boxing Association (AIBA) terminated Boxing India last year. The sport is being administered by an ad-hoc committee.

The five-time world champion hoped the administrators would put their house in order before the Olympics in August.

All in vain
"Yes, they (the boxers) are all demotivated. There's no competition, so it's very frustrating. Whatever effort they're putting is of no use. They're being patient enough but the future is dark for them without any competition. If there's no National Championship, we won't have any new boxers that means no hope for future. Future will be dark," said Mary Kom.

"For seniors at least this South Asian Games have come up and the qualification (Zonal Olympic qualifiers in Qian'an next month) is coming up. That's why we're trying hard. Or else it will just be reduced to 'time-pass'," she quipped. However, Mary Kom strongly believed the sport won't die.

"It won't die but they're suffering. They will not go immediately change their game." Asked whether she's upset, Mary Kom said: "It's not my problem, I'm doing my duty to qualify for Olympics. Not getting exposure is not my problem." Mary Kom has a new team provided by the Olympic Gold Quest in coach Chhote Lal Yadav, physiotherapist Poornima Raman Ngomdir and sports science expert Nikhil Late.