Gaddafi's son went on sex, hookers, and drugs binge in London

One of the sons of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi engaged in a sex and drugs binge in London while his father's regime was collapsing.     
One of Saadi Gaddafi's bodyguards has revealed that he spent thousands of pounds on hookers, vodka, cocaine and cannabis while at the family's 11 million pound mansion.
"He was intimidating and nasty and lived a bizarre life. He did like his hookers. He'd spend ages trawling the internet for Chinese escorts, they always had to be Chinese.
He'd show my colleague or me a picture of the girl and we rang to book a visit. He wanted them to stay all night which was �1,500," the Sun quoted the bodyguard, who was paid 300 pounds a day to protect Saadi, as saying.
He added: "Drugs were also common. Saadi asked me once if I could get him some cocaine, but I refused. He and his entourage smoked a lot of cannabis. They were high a lot of the time. There was masses of vodka too, bottles and bottles. Sometimes they hired a barman to pour their drinks for them," he refused. 
Saadi, the third of Gandalf's seven sons, was yesterday seeking refugee status in Niger after fleeing Libya.
Gaddafi's whereabouts are not known so far, but media reports have said that he has been confined to an area with a 40-mile radius near Libya's border with Niger.

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