A COUPLE of weeks ago, we noticed an ad of the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro. Here, it wasn't just compared to an Apple Macbook but the latter was, in fact, rebuked for being rigid (and unable to bend 360 degrees like the Yoga 3 Pro) and minus a touch screen. Were they being plain cheeky, or rude, only time will tell. Still, we found the Yoga 3 Pro to be stunning when we reviewed it.

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro laptop

What we liked
It's stylish, lightweight (at just 1.19 kg) and looks prettier than not only the previous Yoga laptops but also the Macbook Air. The device gets a watchband-like hinge connecting the screen with the base (an evolutionary change from earlier Yoga laptops). You can tilt it to a full 360 degrees like the previous devices or lay it flat on the ground at 180 degrees (not possible in previous models). Most importantly, the hinges lock themselves at any degree of tilt.
The display is 13.3-inch quad HD+ 3200x1900 IPS touch screen offering superb clarity. The screen gets a Gorilla Glass to protect it from scratches. Size-wise, too, the Yoga 3 Pro is portable measuring just 12.99-inch by 8.98-inch x 0.50-inch. It can easily slip into a standard backpack.

Secondly, while the Macbook Air standard model gets 256GB flash storage and 4GB RAM, the Yoga 3 Pro comes with 512GB storage but 8GB RAM. Lenovo has also managed to offer full keyboard in a device with smooth key movements. The in-built JBL speakers are also good.

The Yoga 3 Pro comes with two USB 3.0 ports and one mini HDMI connector on the sides of the base. On the right, there is a USB 2.0 port that also doubles as the charging port, a 3.5mm audio jack, volume keys, power button, as well as a screen lock and a 'back' button. The device also supports Wifi a/c and Bluetooth 4.0.

What we didn't like
Inside the hood, the Yoga 3 Pro relies on an Intel Core M processor, the 5Y71, which can go up to 2.9 GHz and comes with Intel HD 5300 graphics on-board. Now, though the processor doesn't get heated up (also important due to the gadget's fan-less design), it fails to impress especially while using graphic work softwares like Photoshop.

The external display is limited to just 1080p via the mini HDMI port. The resolution is vital as the main target group for premium laptops like these are those involved in high-end multimedia works, and often require to connect to an external display. Besides, you also need an external HDMI connector to connect it to your TV or other devices. The Macbook Air, on the other hand, supports 4K external display; although at just 24Hz, as well as the Thunderbolt interface.

But our biggest grudge was the battery life, which is just seven hours as compared to nearly 10-12 hours of the Macbook Air. The difference, we believe, could be because of the QHD screen, which drains more power. Still, it's a huge negative for a portable device.

Our Verdict
If you're looking for a portable laptop that lasts longer, you would be better off with a Macbook Air, but if you require touch screen, QHD+ screen, larger storage and the flexibility to turn and flip, the Yoga 3 Pro is your best choice.

PRICE Rs 1,14,000
Available on www.thedostore.com