Game review: 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

The recently launched 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil packs in a punch and is a welcome break from the real football extravaganza

After years of waiting, The Netherlands is crowned the champions of the world! Heartbreak for Brazil but what a day for the men in orange! This booming commentary might turn out to be true as we played ball on our Playstation consoles and felt the ‘reality’ of the game. 

Since the first World Cup was released in 1997, titled FIFA ’98, there have been great expectations surrounding the launch of its successor every four years. 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is no exception. What the game surely brings with it is the grandeur of the tournament.

Game still from 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

The pre-match presentation, the highflying camera angles, the energy of the fans inside the stadium and across the world was overwhelming.

The game play itself is not so much different from FIFA ’14 but the speed is faster and the ball control is smoother. Set pieces are far better giving a feel of the crowded space near the post quite like the line-like formation of FIFA ’14. Shot taking is also an upgrade from the series as positioning becomes an important part of the process.

Game still from 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil
Game still from 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

You can play the game from the group stages in the World Cup mode or take up a team from the qualifiers. The latter will include playing friendly matches and training sessions to boost your players’ stats and take them all the way to Road to the FIFA World Cup (our Robin van Persie got his shooting stats boosted to 99!).

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, EA Sports, R3, 499 FOR Xbox 360 and PS3. Available at gaming and multi-brand retail stores.
2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, EA Sports, R3, 499 FOR Xbox 360 and PS3. Available at gaming and multi-brand retail stores.

If you are a fan of Be a Pro feature in the FIFA Series then Captain your Country is a rewarding mode where you have to work your way up to lead. You can also play real-life matches in different scenarios. For instance, in the Argentina v/s Switzerland Round of 16-match, you could score a last minute equaliser. The Road to Rio is the only saving grace of the online mode where you have to play your way through each of the 12 host cities in a league match fashion. All in all, as our hearts thump for the ultimate verdict on July 14, we play against the odds to determine our own World Cup champions.

Also coming soon is PES 2015
Not many of you would be a fan of the word soccer, but when it comes to real football experience on a gaming console, you can’t ignore Pro Evolution Soccer (PES). All set for a new edition, PES 2015 is expected to be released some time in winter this year, and with several new features, including microtransactions that will allow gamers to buy players from other clubs. Also, the Fox Engine by Konami returns in PES 2015 promising more accurate display of behaviour and game tactics of football players in the video game. PES 2015 will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and additional formats.

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FIFA 15 on the charts
As the buzz around FIFA 15 intensifies, we recommend you catch the trailer online as soon as you finish reading this. The most anticipated feature and upgrade in the next edition is emotional intelligence, as we are promised that players will have over 600 new emotional reactions and bank on memories. In terms of game play, team tactics, agility and control, man-to-man battles and set piece control are the features that you should keep your eye on.

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