Imagine that you are watching a Liverpool match at Anfield packed with supporters, singing, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. Except that in FIFA 15, you don’t need to. What FIFA 15 does brilliantly is to create the atmosphere for a power-packed game. Here, players are equipped with emotional intelligence, which means that they react, emotionally, like scoring a last-minute goal or being tackled by the opposition near the goal-scoring area at a crucial moment. This takes your virtual gaming experience to a new high, where you feel a part of the team that you are managing.


The presentation is closer to how you would view it on TV, with commentators analysing players and teams, keeping in mind past and present experiences of players; it’s more in depth. Although, to make it more TV-like, FIFA 15 has a lot of cut scenes but that didn’t always go down well. On the presentation level, it works great but it also makes for a lot of breaks in the game-play, which can at times, get a tad frustrating. Player responsiveness has been improved and is far better than how it was in the previous version. The new interface is gloomy, and dark colours don’t play well.

What a save!
What’s interesting this year is how the GTN functions; it suggests players that you’re team may need or how you can increase your depth and it finds and presents them without you having to instruct them. Team Management allows you to make a number of team sheets depending on who will you be facing. It also suggests appropriate substitutes. Goalkeepers are no longer mindless props at the goal; we now have physically improved, tactically aware goalkeepers to beat. That raises the stakes and improves the thrill of a goal.

Online Modes are always the high point of any FIFA game, and this year is no different. Now, you can loan the likes of Messi and Ronaldo in FUT, making your dream to play with one in your FUT Squad not a far-fetched one. The Tournament mode returns this year in 15. Career Mode is as it was in 14.

FIFA 15 is a big step into the next generation, unlike 14. We sure can, “Feel the Game”!