Game Review: Lost in Harmony

There is something calming about playing Lost in Harmony, an arcade rhythm-based game that has you controlling a guy on a skateboard as he journeys through an ever changing landscape. The music play a big role in the game, especially with predicting obstacles and power-ups.

Video: Watch the trailer of 'Lost in Harmony'

There is a story too, you play Kaito, whose friend Aya is going through some illness. They use the skateboard journeys to get away from the noise surrounding illness. It is a beautiful game and concept, but taping on the screen to move forward through the phone conversations is a bit annoying.

The music featured is mostly classical done in a modern way and there is also a track by Wyclef Jean which is great. You can listen to the entire soundtrack on YouTube.

The game features more than 30 painted environments and the developer will be adding more, which is useful when you are creating your own levels. Yes, you can create your own levels with your favourite songs and then share it with the rest of the world.

Finishing the in-game levels lets you unlock gear for Kaito and give you access to newer levels. However, you need to finish with more than 50 per cent score to move forward, which is harder than you think. Some levels require more than a single run to complete successfully.

If you want to try something new, Lost in Harmony gives you good value for your money and it almost meditative to play. What more can you ask for.

Lost in Harmony
Developer: Digixart Entertainment
Platforms: Android, iOS
Price: Rs 250
Rating: 4/5

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