Marvel VS Capcom Infinite has a lovely Story Mode demo out that showcases the game and is free for XBO and PS4 users. The game features all your favourite characters from the Capcom and Marvel universe trying to take down Ultron Sigma, a literal fusion of Ultron from the Marvel Universe and Sigma from Mega Man. Through the demos you get to fight as Chun-Li, Thor, Captain Marvel, Sir Arthur, Captain America, Dante and a few others.

The story mode gives you a gist of what’s happening and it is obvious that the Infinity Stones are involved, as is in most Marvel storylines these days. The point at which the story mode starts from, Ultron Sigma have already taken over and the heroes have already familiarized themselves with each other. How it got to this point is not shown in cut-scenes. There’s only a brief text, so the story is a little hard to get into. Obviously, this is a demo, so the main game will be fleshed out much better, or so we hope.

The fighting is oodles of fun and various power-ups are easy to access even for a beginner. The HUD is a little confusing to understand but you can just ignore it if you wish. While the controls are easy to use, a skillful player who can learn all the moves will still have a significant advantage.

The graphics are top-notch and will only improve by the time the game is launched in September. The end of the demo takes you to a pre-order screen, where you can pre-order the game and get some extra goodies.

This is definitely a game we are looking forward to this year.

Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite
Launch Date: September 2017
Price: Rs 2,699
(PC Steam download)