Rs 2,499

Resistance 3 is the culmination of 16 years of shooter evolution -- the influence of its predecessors is heavy in every aspect of gameplay. In the last part of the trilogy, the nations of Earth have fallen to the advancing alien Chimera and protagonist Joseph Capelli is part of a ragtag bunch of human guerrilla resistance fighters, fighting to survive under the hostile occupation.

Plot events unfold and you travel across post-apocalyptic United States, from Oklahoma to New York to shut down an Armageddon machine -- using all forms of transportation battling hordes of enemies as you proceed.

The campaign balances survival horror elements with massive set pieces and boss battles. Developer Insomniac discards certain mechanics of 'modern' shooters in favour of old school design choices, to great effect.

You carry an entire arsenal of unique and powerful weapons, with multiple modes of fire. You will shoot through cover, around corners and even deploy mechanised turrets. Limited ammo, and different enemy types ensure you will utilise most of them. The weapons upgrade with use, and soon you will be shooting explosive bullets turning enemies into clouds of red mist. Non recharging health is another awesome throwback -- adding urgency to already hectic combat.

Multiplayer plays well and has the standard match types. The game supports splitscreen co-op, so call a friend for twice the fun. The graphics are good, though the visual design feels derivative. We have seen this crumbling world before. This sense of d �j vu pervades many aspects of Resistance 3. Though it doesn't push the boundaries of the genre, it offers a very polished, compelling shooter experience.

Quick Take
Graphics: Very Good
Gameplay: Fast and Furious
Worth it: A big yes
Final Rating: 4.5 / 5