Game Review: Superhot

Mar 06, 2016, 11:13 IST | Jaison Lewis

Superhot is one of those exhilarating games that depends solely on amazing game mechanics to propel it forward. The premise is you are playing a VR game where time only moves forward when you move forward. That means, until you decide to make the next move, the game is essentially on pause. Think of it as a turn-based action game that is actually a puzzle.

The gameplay, though slow, is extremely satisfying especially when you watch the replay of your John Woo action sequences in real time. The controls are basic right-left-back-front, jump, grab and throw. This serves the game well, helping you concentrate on the decisions you will make during the paused spilt seconds. The game puts you in scenarios where you have to eliminate the red men, and even a single blow to you is fatal.

You will find yourself playing missions several times over, with little tweaks just to finish it. Needless to say missions get increasingly harder as you progress through the game.

The graphics are simple blobs with no distinguishable features, the enemies glow red, the static objects are white and the useable ones are black. This seems more like an art project than a game, fortunately it works well. The simplistic graphics also means it has relatively low system requirements and can run on most gaming machines without a hassle.

It is a fresh take on First Person Action games and one everyone should experience. Well worth the asking price, a must have for any gaming enthusiast. Especially if you love puzzles or FPS games.

Rating: 4/5
Developer: SUPERHOT Team
Platform: PC, OSX
Price: Rs 619 (Steam)

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