Game review: Titanfall - It's chaotic, but fun

Apr 07, 2014, 10:13 IST | Hassan M Kamal

If you think 'Call of Duty' (COD) was cool, 'Titanfall' will blow your mind. The new first person shooter game from Respawn Entertainment, 'Titanfall' takes combat missions to a whole new level introducing Titans, giant combat robots which are dropped in the battlefield, which players can clamour aboard and fight.

Titanfall video game reivew

The graphics are awesomely cool, handling is superb, and the weapons have been given a massive overhaul bringing it closer to what would be any shooter gamer’s dream. The game also allows players to move around the game play area (map) using some really impressive parkour skills (run along a wall, make double jumps etc) — either inside or outside the Titan. To level up and unlock more weapons, you need experience points, which you earn with every kill and objectives achieved (like capturing flags etc).

You start on foot, and move around the game area, killing as many enemies as possible. Your Titan “falls” into the map, after a little wait, usually after three minutes. You clamber into it, and get set for the kill. The Titan is equipped with a protective shield, but the giant robot is not destruction-proof as the enemy has anti-Titan weapons, which can bring you down anytime.

Titanfall video game reivew

However, 'Titanfall' is a game without any running story. the game advances in missions (or maps), which you unlock as you progress through the game. We also didn’t like that there are no offline missions, especially considering the game’s massive download size of 49 GB.

But then keeping the graphics in mind, it’s worth it. And irrespective of whether or not you are into first person shooter games, Titanfall would never disappoint you. Just some amount of practice and you are ready to roll.It’s very chaotic in there, but not without the fun.

The game is already available on PC, and will me made available for Xbox 360 on April 11. It would be available on for Xbox and on for PC.

PC: Rs 3,499
Xbox: Rs 3,499

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* Detailed training mode, amazing graphics and multiple missions
* Expansive armory, great handling

* Can be played only on online mode
* Lack of story mode and heavy download (49 GB)

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