Tom Clancy's The Division is one of the most anticipated RPGs to be released this year. We had a go at their beta, and it failed to impress us.

The beta of the game begins with the storyline, explaining how New York is devastated after a pandemic disease has caused the collapse of society in the city. The game has you playing the part of The Division, a unit of self-supported tactical agents. You are trained to operate independently when all else fails.

The beta version of the game lets you play through the initial missions where you save a doctor and setup a base of operations, along with a few side missions. There is also the dark zone, where you basically enter a multiplayer PVP mode where you can take down AI opponents and other players. Beware though, you might want to finish all the missions in the single-player section before you enter the Dark Zone. We would recommend having a level 8 character at least, especially if you don't want to die at the first sign of trouble.

The Dark Zone however is the more fun part of the game. You can acquire some good loot here and level up. The AI opponents in the Dark Zone are also more of challenge. The surroundings also play a big role in the Dark Zone, you can get contaminated by hanging around in an area for too long.

The combat, which is meant to be the focus in The Division, feels very dry, as there is no excitement and isn't well paced. The AI does get tougher in the Dark Zone, but again the pace is a let-down.

Fortunately, the concept for the RPG is good and Ubisoft has till March to rectify the pace issues and any technical problems it has with the game.