Offline Co-op / Online Multiplayer
Rs 2,699

How do you make a sequel to a game that defied every expectation, that was genre defining and impeccably polished all at once? You make the same game again -- only make it more. More thrill, more emotion, more backstory. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception starts slow, picks up pace and then doesn't let up till the very end.

You play Nathan Drake, the adventurer/ explorer, as he races to find an ancient secret before the shadowy evil agencies get to it. There are, of course, many twists and turns, you team up with old friends, all the relationships are tested and strained -- but all of this feels forced and lacks resonance.

The plot, thin as it is, capably stitches together gloriously improbable situations in very exotic locations, which Drake manoeuvres with more style than Indiana Jones. You will swing, climb, jump, punch and shoot (often at the same time) across deserts, sinking ships, crashing airplanes, lost cities and more... The game is a technical masterpiece. The visuals are absolutely breathtaking, undoubtedly the best in this console generation.

Campaign gameplay consists of shooting, parkour / platforming and basic environmental puzzles. The action set pieces are excellent, offering a lot of dynamic tactical options. Tough enemy AI ensures you use all of them.

However, this freedom does not extend to the rest of the game -- you may see an open world but you are continuously funnelled to specific jumps and paths. The game even takes over player control during such times -- a sort of strong 'movement assist'. This may make for more cinematic moments, but the loss of control is obvious and jarring.

Multiplayer offers standard matchtypes with the option of modifiers. Levels are well designed to optimise the series' platforming roots, making for challenging gunplay. This is blockbuster gaming at its finest.

Quick Take:
Graphics: Best in class
Gameplay: Great with a few dips
Worth it: Yes
Final Rating: 4.5 / 5