If you are a comic book fan, you would love the recently-launched third person action game, Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z. The game is set in a world infected by zombies, and takes you through an adventurous ride as you hack and slash zombies to reach to your destination. The central character in this game is Yaiba Kamikaze, a ruthless Japanese warrior, who is brought back from the dead by a mysterious organisation using mechanised body parts.

Yaiba makes it a mission to help the organisation find a cure of the infection. To do this, he must find the source of the infection. But his archenemy, the warrior Ryu Hayabusa, who had nearly killed him, is also looking for the source of the infection. Fired by his desire for revenge, Yaiba must find Hayabusa and the source of the infection. His journey takes him through the hinterland where he battles zombies, each with their own power.

But Yaiba is not devoid of them either. Part human, part machine, Yaiba can run, jump, block and attack enemies using his blade. Gamers can also use his murderous rage, Bloodlust, to decimate multiple enemies in a short time. While all of this might sound easy, Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, published by Tecmo Koei, is not an easy game to play and crossing some levels can be a frustrating experience. Nevertheless, it’s a game to try, to simply experience the sheer joy of being a part of a live comic action story.

Available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360