Game for some b-town trivia?

Watch filmy freaks battle for cash prize worth Rs 1 lakh and more in a new quiz show based on Bollywood movies

Didn't make it to the hot seat or in any other quiz show? Around 150 movie buffs and die-hard Bollywood fans have got another opportunity to earn quick bucks, riding on their knowledge of B-town. A new show, Max Extraaa Shots Challenge, will give contestants the chance to take home Rs 1 lakh every week. Guiding them would be Divya Dutta (or Shabbo of Veer-Zara).

Divya Dutta will host a quiz competition about Bollywood trivia

"I've noticed many a times that fans know a lot more about the entertainment industry than the actors themselves. This show is an opportunity for people to show off their talent." The show will go on air this Sunday, and will be telecast weekly henceforth. This Bollywood trivia show is a celebration of fans, who according to Divya are the true stars.

With the Indian cricket team going thanda, will Bollywood raise to the occasion to pep up the common man? "Cinema bonds and brings together so many people in our country and we are celebrating India in our show."
Every show will have three participants contesting for Rs 1 lakh.

Consisting of three rounds, the first round will be an elimination round wherein the person with the lowest score will be eliminated. Round two will take place with pre-recorded clips of film stars being shown and the final round will be a rapid fire buzzer round. The winner of the grand prize, however, will drive home an SUV.
In a country where students bunk classes to watch movies and long queues are seen at multiplexes at weekends, we can expect this show to satiate the urge of filmy freaks to express their passion on camera.

On: Set Max
Time: Sundays, 8.30 pm



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