Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger and Gary Neville

London: Gary Neville has again stood up for Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger and defended his own decision to label a fan an 'idiot' for wanting the Frenchman sacked.

Wenger's position has been under increased scrutiny after Wednesday night's 1-5 thrashing at Bayern Munich.

It was a 1-3 loss to league leaders Chelsea at Stamford Bridge which led to a supporter holding up a banner which read "Enough is enough, time to go".

Neville was working as a co-commentator for Sky Sports and the former Manchester United captain called fan Kane Hopps an "idiot" for taking the sign to the game.

It led to a row with supporters forum ArsenalFanTV, with Neville agreeing to appear on their YouTube channel as a result.

And during the interview he continued to defend Wenger, who said on Friday he will decide in March or April if he will leave the club at the end of the season when his contract expires.

"It's a unique one with Arsene Wenger, what he has achieved at the club, the greatest ever manager for Arsenal," he told ArsenalFanTV.

"His performance levels consistently for 20 years have been unbelievable. And you'd have to say, I do go along the line of, 'Be careful what you wish for'."