She's looking like a million dollars, and this evening a delicious slice of Mumbai's aesthetes and savants will get the first peak into Gauri Khan's recently completed workspace 'Gauri Khan' at Bandra, when along with Raj Anand of Maison&Objet and Mathieu Lustrerie and Jean Francois Lesage, both scions of legendary French design houses, she will be hosting a curtain raiser to Maison&Objet Americas (the celebrated Parisian design fair's first and much awaited outing in America to be held next month in Miami).

Raj Anand and Gauri Khan
Raj Anand and Gauri Khan

Lustrerie, of the iconic French lighting brand, will be presenting a few pieces at the venue today and along with Jean François Lesage, who belongs to the fourth generation of the first family of French embroiderers, will be meeting potential clients as well as the design community over 'champagne high tea' between 3-6 pm.

A word about the newly opened 'Gauri Khan': the star wife's private workspace of four floors designed by her and described as 'a reflection of her creative journey', 'a distinguished space where creative ideas meet avant-garde' and 'a window to the interior design work she is so passionate about'.

"What is striking is that the pieces she has put together do not come with an absurd price tag!" says a spokesperson. So, as we were saying, this afternoon a slew of design enthusiasts will be hosted by Khan, Anand and two of France's leading names of design. Er...what does one wear to a 'champagne high tea'?

But I did not shoot his deputy...
Across the world, there are protocols that have been put in place to demonstrate hospitality and regard like the presentation of a city's 'keys', or the naming of sister cities.

Adnan Sami (in white hat)
Adnan Sami (in white hat)

And so, when gifted singer-musician Adnan Sami was recently bestowed the title of Honorary Deputy Sheriff of Texas by the Sheriff of the Police Department of Texas, while on a music tour in America, naturally he was pretty chuffed.

More so that the Sheriff's hat and the badge was presented on the stage during his show, in front of many cheering fans. But that Sami, who appears to be a pretty astute internationalist, should take the role of law keeper literally is baffling.

"With power comes huge responsibility," said his media spokesperson, without a trace of irony. "The Sheriff Department enlists the aid in working to prevent crime and also perform criminal investigation in specialised law enforcement activities."

Moreover, Sami himself carries on the trope by saying, "I am overwhelmed that the US Police sees me as an honourable law abiding citizen of the world, which is why they have inducted me into their force."

Enforce the law? Perform criminal investigation? Isn't this taking those John Wayne cowboy and injun westerns a bit too seriously? The mind boggles. But, boy, he does look spiffy in a cowboy hat!

A paean to Nepal
It would not be an exaggeration to say that the monumental human tragedy that is unfolding in Nepal right now has gored Indians like a knife in the gut.

Patrick Moynihan
Patrick Moynihan

Perhaps it is its proximity to India and the many links between both countries; perhaps the faces of innocent people numbed with fear that we see on our TV sets; or perhaps the sadness that comes of knowing that often the gentlest people suffer the most.

Maura MoynihanMaura Moynihan

But whatever it is, many have been profoundly disturbed by Nature's fury wrought on Kathmandu and its neighbouring regions. Across the world, too, the tragedy has unleashed a fervent concern.

So it came as no surprise that our friend Maura Moynihan, daughter of the late Senator for New York Pat Moynihan (who as Ambassador to India in the Sixties had famously compared the size of India's middle class to the population of France) an ardent lover of Nepal, would respond.

A writer, singer, artist and a sterling example of the Sixties Hippy Chick, Moynihan, a self-proclaimed Buddhist who married celebrated New York photographer Richard Avedon's son John (who has written extensively about the Dalai Lama), has based much of her creative output on India, Nepal and the cause of a free Tibet.

Following news of the devastation in Kathmandu, she posted links to her music video Vision of Light shot entirely on location in Kathmandu a few years ago that opens with her demonstrating some neat Bharatnatyam moves in an electric blue kurta while dancing gracefully through Kathmandu's charming (and now devastated) streets.

Written and performed by Liberation Dakini and a host of Nepali talent, the video is a poignant footnote to Nepal's tragedy by one who truly loves her.

Dude, where's the after- party?
Gone are the days of the hockey stick carrying policemen who terrorised nightclubs and would show up at bars armed with photographers. Maybe it is the Sena Cub effect, but recently the cops have been noted to be a tad more relaxed about closing hours.

Which is why this new city nightspot in BKC has been attracting all the action since its launch and has become the de rigeur after-party destination for the young and restless. With its promise of shutters up till breakfast, the restaurant, which doubles as a lounge, is said to have been flaunting closing time limits for a while now.

And with two big-ticket gigs planned for the coming weekend it was said to be the go-to destination for city slickers. That is, until the men in khaki finally swooped in last weekend after being irked by numerous complaints. Making the grapevine gripe were they from disturbed neighbours or jealous competitors?