xbox 360
1-2 players/Online multiplayer
Rs 2,499

Five years after Gears Of War set the bar for third-person shooters, it returns for the final installment of the series. The question is, how do you top two of the best single player campaigns of this console generation?

Short answer: you don't. Yes, Gears of War 3 goes all out to beat its predecessors, yet at its heart, the gameplay remains unchanged. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Run, take cover, aim, shoot.

The formula was perfected in Gears of War 2, and this time around, not much has changed, save for the obligatory new weapons and a new enemy to fight.

What does work in this edition, though, is the story. The aliens VS humans saga serves as a backdrop to Marcus Fenix's personal quest to find his father.

The suspense is built up nicely, and the ending is poignant and touching. The pace is excellent, with the game throwing a new type of challenge at you every once in while to keep things fresh. Graphics and sound are top-notch, as expected from a Gears of War title.

Also, the environment is varied enough so that the colour palette is not limited to greys and browns seen in previous iterations.

Multiplayer is clearly the focus this time, with the addition of a levelling system, and an update of the Horde mode. New additions include an arcade mode for the campaign, and the Beast mode; a wickedly cool reversal of roles where you hunt humans.

Gears of War's only shortcoming is that it buckles under the pressure of following two outstanding previous entries, and that is nothing to be ashamed of.

Quick Take
Graphics: Outstanding
Overall Gameplay: Good
Worth it? Yes
Final Rating: 4 out of 5