Geetika Tyagi's ugly past

Tyagi, who accused director Subhash Kapoor of molestation, herself has a murky story to hide

It has emerged that journalist-turned-actress Geetika Tyagi, who is currently in the centre of a controversy involving her molestation allegations against filmmaker Subhash Kapoor, was fired by a news channel in 2004. It seems that Geetika stole news-anchor-turned-AAP-party leader Shazia Ilmi’s ATM card and withdrew money using the same.

Geetika Tyagi
Geetika Tyagi

A source close to Ilmi says, “She (Ilmi) used to anchor the 7 pm news segment and Geetika would host the 10 pm slot. They shared a makeup room and often Shazia would leave her bag inside the make-up room, not realising that Geetika would fish out her ATM card from the bag and withdraw money from the bank. Obviously, Ilmi was alarmed that her card was being misused; she even filed a complaint with the management."

The source adds that when questioned, Geetika denied the accusations only to own up at a later stage. “She was shown CCTV footage that caught her in the act and immediately after, she was asked to resign from the organisation,” says the source.

Ilmi, who is currently in London, confirmed the story. “Yes, the incident you mentioned is true,” she said. Geetika, however, didn’t respond to either email or SMSes.

  • anilalbuquerque27-Feb-2014

    Law to harassment is being misused by many even the law makers are the victims of the law.This law is turning in to law to extortion or law to harassment.Why Not India follows the Muslim law as is followed in Gulf countries.

  • Guest24-Feb-2014

    Financial crisis does not allow anyone to take sexual advantage. Even the Law does not allow the rape of a thief. The case mentioned above does not allow to question her integrity.

  • Manish Kumar25-Feb-2014

    Is your reporter crazy? Is this a vicious cycle - every media house takes a moral posturing and take a pot shot at just anyone. Supposing, Geetika did steal, how is it a murky past? And why do you highlight this when she is accusing someone of trying to molest her. So are you saying someone who steals ATM Card deserves to be molested? What is the connection between the two? The more the media files such reports the more your credibility will go down the dustbin.

  • Guest24-Feb-2014

    Unfortunate. There is an inbuilt bias in the law - also in public perception - in favour of the woman in a case of sexual predation. That gets undermined, to the detriment of genuine victims, each time it is misused.

  • Abishek Bhatt06-Mar-2014

    These type of instances happen mostly when an individual wants to achieve big things but chooses the path of practicing wrong deeds. While taking any step be careful because it is not advised every time to go with the flow without checking your back up.

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