London: Former England cricketer Geoffrey Boycott’s dream of meeting Katy Perry finally came true on Tuesday night after he went to see her perform in Manchester, and was given the opportunity to meet her backstage.

The 73-year-old has previously spoken of his admiration for the brunette beauty and her music, but never thought he’d have the chance to meet her, the Mirror reported.

Katy Perry

A photo of the pair together, with 29-year-old Perry wearing what appeared to be a polka dot bathrobe, was posted online later.

Boycott’s interest in the singer first emerged nearly three years ago when he mentioned it during a BBC Test Match Special, saying: “I like that Katy Perry - she’s a good singer. Firework - that was a good record, that. She’s nice, her.”

When asked by commentator Henry Blofeld whether it was her looks which had caught his eye, he said that he likes her singing as well.