George Clooney and Steve Wynn almost came to blows over Obama

New York: George Clooney recently stormed off from an LA casino after he was involved in an argument over President Obama with Steve Wynn where the actor ended up calling him an "a**hole".

George Clooney
George Clooney 

According to a source, things turned horrible when Wynn provoked the Academy Award winner, by talking about politics and discussed Obama care and called the American President an a**hole, to which Clooney reverted that the president was his friend, and he should not talk about him like that, the New York Post reported.

The source added that Wynn then shot back and said that Clooney's friend was an a**hole to which the 52-year-old actor replied that he won't sit there and listen to that. The source said that Wynn's three goon-like bodyguards immediately loomed up behind Rande Gerber and Clooney.

However, both of them walked out before they could touch them. Wynn told the Las Vegas Review Journal that when Clooney drinks, he considers himself a close pal of the president.

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