Gerard Butler barred from doing stunts in 'Point Break' remake

Washington: Gerard Butler has been banned from performing heavy duty stunts in his upcoming remake of 1991 film 'Point Break', it has been revealed.

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler. Pic/Santa Banta

Guinness World Record holder Garrett McNamara, who has surfed the largest wave ever, and Jeb Corliss, who famously leapt off the Eiffel Tower, have been brought on board to perform the 44-year-old actor's stunts, the Daily Star reported.

But it seems like the producers want to elevate the thrill, and are going to bring in sports professionals as doubles for the film, which involves sky diving and surf riding exploits, considered risky even for professional stunt men.

'The Ugly Truth' star has been cast as Bodhi along with 24-year-old Luke Bracey, who'll be playing Utah.

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