Here's an actor who, unlike some of our Bollywood icons, talks about romancing his co-stars unabashedly. Having done that several times, Gerard Butler swears never to fall in love with a co-actor ever again. But he doesn't mind sharing screen space with his Bollywood buddies, SRK and Priyanka Chopra. With a new release in his kitty, the actor talks to CS about Bollywood, and his relationshiop with his co-stars:

Bollywood dreams
I find Bollywood's style of storytelling quite interesting and it looks really vibrant and fun. I almost became a part of Lagaan and they wanted me to do a part in Kaminey, but it didn't materialise. I don't mind acting anywhere, but the role must excite me and it should be an inspiring team to work with. I hold Shah Rukh or Priyanka Chopra in high regard and wouldn't mind sharing screen space with them. They are very warm people and I share a great rapport with them. 

Reel and real love
I enjoy working with friendly co-stars and have also ended up falling in love with many of them. Well, it is very easy to fall for an attractive woman that you are working everyday for four-six months. When you're making a film with someone, you get to know them very well indeed and it's too easy to develop a sort of obsession with them that you think at the time might be love. But it isn't. That's why I feel it's better that I stay away from doing it. Earlier in my career, I had a couple of relationships with co-stars and they turned out to be disasters. Eventually, you end up spending months working with your now ex-girlfriend, and it gets really messy for you and the rest of the unit.