Gerard Pique saved me from a life of loneliness: Shakira

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'Waka Waka' singer Shakira reveals how football star Pique turned out to be her fairy tale prince

Shakira has broken into song for Spanish football star Gerard Pique. A report in said that the red hot singer's new track '23' was about Pique, who she has enjoyed a relationship with since 2010.

Shakira and (inset) Gerard Pique. Pics/Getty Images
Shakira and (inset) Gerard Pique. Pics/Getty Images 

She credited Pique for rescuing her from loneliness on ITV breakfast show Lorraine: "The song is about the miracle and how he changed my life. Sometimes I feel like at that time when we met, I often felt like a princess trapped in a castle with a dragon inside, and he was the prince who rescued me.

"It sounds super corny, but it's how I feel! I was searching for happiness for so long and I finally found it," said Shakira. Shakira endeared herself to football fans when she sang "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)" – the official song for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

At the moment, she spends much of her spare time with son Milan. "I try to take Milan everywhere I go, to be with him and nurture him as much as possible," she remarked.

The Colombian star also admitted that their 14-month-old son's gurgling sound was recorded in '23' by sheer accident: "It wasn't intentional. I was recording '23', that I wrote for Milan's father, and I went to studio, I was recording the last bit of the song.

"I put him on my lap and gave him the headphones to listen to me singing the song. When I finished he went, 'Mehhh!' So I kept that."

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