Get a glimpse of Bangalore's flower power

The Dadar flower market in Mumbai is known to be the place for the best flower deals available in every shape, size, hue and fragrance. The market, which takes care of Mumbai's wholesale supplies of flowers, has a working mechanism of its own that begins as early five every morning.

Similar to this floral haven is Bangalore's Krishna Rajapuram (KR) market. Take a virtual tour of this colourful, vibrant market through Pushpa Patha: the Flower Trail, an art exhibition where Bangalore based artists, Alison Byrnes, Gabriel Harp, Geetanjali Sachdev, Kruti Saraiya, Saumitra Chandratreya and Smriti Mehra have put their lens together for a collaborative effort that captures the aesthetics and experiential nuances of the urban Indian flower market.

Video, photography, graphic design and painting are employed to make artistic inquests into the chaotic and sensorial world of the market. The works also provide a view of the huge task force behind the floral industry.

Till october 23
Where Gallery BMB, Queen's Mansion, Fort,
Call 61715757

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