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The Westin opens doors to a club they claim will transport you to San Francisco without having to spend on the airfare.

There's been some buzz of anticipation surrounding Kuebar, the latest night club to have opened at The Westin. And on a wet and windy Saturday night, the club opened doors to a long queue of women and men waiting to experience what it would be like to drive to Koregaon Park in a bid to be transported to San Francisco.

Split across two levels, the club includes a semi-open bar, while a
sealed-in dance floor stands inside

We walked in to realise the claim was true. Kuebar is as international as it gets. Split across two levels, the club includes a semi-open (ceiling but no walls) bar, while a sealed-in dance floor stands inside. While the latter looked like any other urban nightclub, it was the part-alfresco area that lent it the international vibe. The lights (embedded into the tables too) switch colour every 15 minutes.

The menu offers Cuban specialities, and an interesting range of rums. They prefer if you begin with test-tube testers to make selecting your drink a bit easier. We tried the Kuebano; a refreshing blend of Ron Zapaca rum, cranberry and lemon. Go for it.

Their flavoured Martinis or Fruitinis include a Strawberry Martini that was zingy-fresh. The potent Tu Tu Cherry, a blend of Bacardi, cranberry, grenadine and orange juice, gets our best-pick vote. They also have a well-stocked wine bar, incase you aren't hot on cocktails.

The menu ranges from simple olives to complex Canapes, and a delicious Wasabi-coated Chicken. Stuffed Pita Pockets and Indian kebabs work for the conservative diner. The adventurous can try the innovative service option of snack-in-a-tin. How about a portion of Honey Chilli Potatoes served in a tin?

Dance your calories away and come back for another round of cocktails. Dance some more before you attack the desserts. The Chocolate and Hazelnut Parfait -- a sinful dark chocolate base with a hazelnut cream heart or the Chocolate Cigar (Bailey's Irish Creme or Orange and Cointreau) is what you wrap up the evening with.

At Westin, Koregaon Park.
Call 67210000
You pay Rs 2,000 alcohol cover / couple; Rs 1,000 alcohol cover for single girls; Rs 3,000 alcohol cover for stags Kuebar didn't know we were there. The Guide reviews anonymously and pays for meals.

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