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From Seva to Cyberspace, a book on social service done via the internet, is the latest book on ad man Prahlad Kakkar's to-read list. The Guide caught up with him when he was in the city to speak about the book 

More often than not, the individual who guides poor kids to get educated or helps stray dogs with food and shelter is an NGO volunteer. Leading Indian ad film director Prahlad Kakkar from Genesis Films, was in the city to release From Seva to Cyberspace. The book offers an insight into the lives of NGO volunteer and the social service that is done using the internet.

Prahlad Kakkar with his current favourite, From Seva to 

Based on real-life stories, From Seva to Cyberspace has been written by four authors -- Femida Handy, Meenaz Kassam, Jillian Ingold and Bhagyashree Ranade. "It is a handbook that explains the concept of volunteering and its impact on society. We have compiled the knowledge from our experience of volunteering in India. We are aware of the pain that one can endures and the joy one experiences after serving the needy," shares Bhagyashree Ranade, CEO of Marketing and Market Research Consultants and Discovery and Transition, Pune.

The book features stories from India as well as information on volunteering from the rest of the world. It includes detailed discussions on the contributions of the oldest and youngest volunteers in India. Enriched with narratives and case studies of individuals and organisations, it is a must-read for people working with NGOs as well as those who are eager to volunteer but don't know how to go about it. 

"We have on record details that prove that India is the least philosophic country in terms of donating money yet the number of volunteers in India is the highest. This is because giving back to society is a part of our culture," says Prahlad Kakar, who appreciated the book for its touching first-hand narrative and information on new-age techniques for social service.

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