Playmate and DJ Virag Voksan, popularly known as DJ Flower, talks about being a pretty face in the music world ahead of her performance with Ma Faiza and One Nite Stand in town

She is a professional DJ and a Playboy playmate and has attended Hugh Hefner's legendary birthday party in LA.

DJ Flower is coming to town for the second time as part of the Pin Drop Music Festival featuring alongside DJ Ma Faiza and city-based band One Nite Stand.

In an email interview ahead of her visit, the Hungarian artist tells us that the set she has planned for Bangalore will include progressive and minimal tech house tunes.
"I might start with some mainstream too," says Virag Voksan or DJ Flower.

Juggling modelling and music careers since her teens, she tells us that the professions don't always complement each other.
Does being a playmate DJ bring in the extra dose of glory, we wonder. She puts misconceptions to rest. "I should say it makes it harder.

If someone has won a beauty pageant in her past, people tend to believe that she is just a pretty face. I had to work hard to prove that I really know mixing and that I am talented," she says.

She heard some Bollywood tunes the last time she visited and loves using Indian vocals in her tracks. Her sound is characteristic of her. DJing as an art, for her is still about the basics.
She believes strongly in the use of CDs as opposed to synthesized sounds.
"I don't play from my lap top, I still use CDs. For some reason I feel this is more technical than just putting together two tracks by a laptop mixing programme," she says.

Where City Bar, UB City
On September 30, 7 pm
Call 42773636
For R 600 onwards