Get ready for some pet therapy

Hoping to make Navi Mumbai India’s first stray dog- free city, Animal Welfare Board of India is organising a carnival to encourage people to adopt homeless pups and kittens

Attention all animal lovers.

If you are looking forward to adopting a pet, the Animal Welfare Board of India is organising The Great Indian Breed Carnival on January 18 from 10 am - 5 pm. The event will be held at IES Navi Mumbai Primary School, opposite Vashi police station, Sector 3. Adoption is free, and a vet will be available to ensure the puppies and kittens are checked before they are taken home.

Keeping in mind the dangers stray dogs and cats face each day to survive, Anand Siva, co- opted board member and animal welfare worker, Animal Welfare Board of India, pitched the ‘ adopt a pet’ idea. He was soon joined by a group of animal lovers and enthusiasts in this venture, with the hope of making Navi Mumbai India’s first stray dogfree city.

Speaking about the project, Siva said, “ It makes the city more animal friendly, because people with pets are more compassionate and friendly.

This will also help reduce the problems caused by scattered garbage and the diseases it spreads. What most people don’t realise that this move helps them stay healthy and fit, because with a dog at home, one is inclined to spend time outdoors. This would make Navi Mumbai India’s healthiest city too.” “ Stray dogs are just right for Indian weather conditions and food habits. Their coat is easy to maintain too. The same goes for Indian cats — they are easy to manage, and demand nothing from you except food and love,” added Siva.

To spread this message and to find homes for hundreds of street puppies and kittens, this group of animal lovers have come together to educate families and encourage them to adopt the animals.

To adopt, simply walk in with an ID and residence proof and fill up an adoption form.

After the animal is checked, brief counselling sessions will be held before the pet is ready to be taken home.