Get ready to party

If there's anything as a practical party animal, Shruti Seth is one. The actress loves to wear her dancing shoes and let her hair down once in a while, but she ensures that she doesn't overdo it. Gearing up for the party season, Shruti shares some important party pointers with CS:

1 Shoe off
If you don't want to be miserable at an event with aching feet, choose your footwear correctly. There's nothing like comfortable shoes. But if you're the type who can't step out in anything less than heels, make sure that you have a slight heel pad inside, so that way you'll be able to stand and dance comfortably.

2 Water fun
If you're drinking alcohol, make sure you keep alternating the drink with water. That way you won't end up getting dehydrated. Besides, this trick helps you limit your drinks too.

3 Makeup magic
You might spend hours doing your makeup, but there's no point if it gets all smudged up. Keep your makeup waterproof so that it doesn't get messy when you sweat.

4 Grab a bite
Always eat something before leaving home for a party since you can't always be sure whether the food or snacks served there will be to your liking. And you don't want to starve when you have a late night ahead of you.

5 Bag it
Carry a bag which has a string/strap, so that you can hang it over your shoulder and keep your hands free when you're dancing or eating. Make sure your bag is big enough to accommodate at least basic makeup items, a pocket mirror and your phone. There's no point carrying that dainty clutch that serves zero purpose.




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