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Feb 17, 2012, 07:00 IST | Anjali Jhangiani
Rock band Aftertaste, which is going to perform in Pune, this Sunday, will be dishing out songs against corruption and other social evils that plague our society

Five enthusiastic boys, who call themselves Aftertaste, are out to change the ways of the world, and make a statement against corruption, hypocrisy and misuse and misinterpretation of religion. They do not go on processions or announce a hunger strike. They voice their opinion through their music and they plan to do just that at their upcoming performance at High Spirits, this Sunday.

Members of Aftertaste

"Our songs -- Should we beckon on? Pentium, Bombay, and Balm like a comb -- talk about the political situation of our country. In fact, the lyrics of Pentium are 'Go be draconian. Go be remote. Replace your tiger with a goat.' We hope people get the message," says Keegan Pereira, the vocalist of the band. The lyrics of their songs talk about the evils of corruption and dishonesty that plague our society. Ask them how they think the society will react to their songs, "Society to us means 'family'. Our mothers have been present at our gigs and they completely back us up."

The Mumbai-based band features Michael Lee (lead guitarist), Ruel Barretto (base guitarist), Keegan Pereira (vocalist), Levin Mendes (drummer) and Amit Bharadwaj, latest entrant in the band who monitors the turn-tables. Aftertaste started off by following the footsteps of bands and artists they admired. "We learnt to chisel down on our rendition of the music we liked. Finally, we completely submitted ourselves to music that brings out the best in us," says Pereira.

"Our purpose is to serve God with all our heart and the weapon of our choice is music," says Pereira. The band has performed at a large number of college festivals in the past. "Considering the number of college gigs we have been a part of in Pune, it wouldn't be surprising if the faculty members of the colleges know us by our names," says Pereira as he quickly adds, "But irrespective of the number of times we've performed here, we are just as excited to perform as a teenage virgin who embarks on his first encounter." The band recently won the nationwide Independence Rock XXVI music competition in Mumbai and it has also been voted as one of the rising stars on the Ibibo web portal. 
On February 19, 8.30 pm onwards
At High Spirits, Koregaon Park.

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