Get your head spinning

So if you have had to resort to the same old boring truth or dare games or some lunatic version you created with a pack of cards, here’s how you can change it. A game of roulette might end you broke, but this one’s going to leave you in a real tizzy.

Go for this set of Roulette Drinking Game where you could get the entire crowd of your party tipsy with a few spins. It’s a great way to get the party started and your guests in good spirits. It consists of spinning roulette wheel, two balls and 16 numbered-shot-glasses each of which hold approximately 60 ml.

Just spin the wheel and if your shot glass corresponds to the number, you drink it down. For a two member game, check out their Tic Tac Toe glasses with a board and cute Xs and Os printed on them. Though I wonder after a few shots how many of us will be in a state of mind to play the game!



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