If you’ve been invited to a Mixtaped night at The Den in Bandra over the last few months, with exclamations of “how haven’t you been there yet?”, join the gang. Even though it’s been happening for over three years, the Mixtaped night has taken off ever since The Den got a facelift in January. “It’s taken a while to get to this place,” says DJ Reji Ravindran, curator of the weekly event.

Mixtaped hosts a mix of professional and amateur DJs

So, here’s the deal, and the reason why it’s become the “it” place to be on a Wednesday night. Not everyone who plays here is a professional. For example, a botanist with a love for vinyl played there a few months ago. And so did a music journalist! “The main criteria for getting picked to play is that you have good taste in music. The technical stuff we can help out with.”

So you need to convince Reji you know your music, whatever it may be, and then you can even play it off itunes, or your winamp library. “I do a post every Wednesday morning on my blog, introducing the person, and their playlist, so people coming in know what to expect. The best thing is that it’s like your own party. The DJ is the King or Queen for the night.”

Mixtaped has hosted a mix of professionals and amateurs. This Wednesday you can catch rapper MC Kaur do her thing. And the next, maybe you?