Ghaziabad police nab young couples dating in public park

In a unique operation that the police have codenamed as 'Operation Majnu' (Operation Romeo), many young dating couples have been caught at the Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Park in Ghaziabad.

While a couple of the targeted couples tried to flee from the place, the police led by Special Police Officer Alka Pandey, caught them while others too were questioned.

As punishment, Pandey made young men to do sit ups and also warned them not to come again to the park and repeat their acts.

She frisked some couples and even detained some.

The police have undertaken similar campaigns in the past at other places in the state, such as in Meerut.

Earlier, there were incidents of certain radical Hindu fora like the Bajrang Dal in the north and the Sri Ram Sene in the south targeting young courting couples.

Liberals and rights activists have condemned the acts of these religious and radical groups.



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