Ghulam Ali dengue artist from terrorist country, tweets Abhijeet

New Delhi: Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya on Friday, in a series of shocking tweets, supported the ban of Pakistani ghazal singer Ghulam Ali from performing in Mumbai, saying that 'nation and patriotism took priority over music' and branded the maestro as a 'dengue artist'.

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Ghulam Ali dengue artist from terrorist country, tweets singer Abhijit
Ghulam ali and Abhijeet Bhattacharya 

"These shameless people have no self respect, no work except terrorism. So called Hindu political parties jst shout 4 mileage bt never tk action agnst these Dengu Artists from terrorist country.These qawwals don't come here on their merit but due to paki Dalals #prestitute and @MaheshNBhatt (sic)," Abhijeet tweeted.

While the singer's remarks have sent shockwaves, he was fully backed by the Shiv Sena, who said that they 'welcome his statement as he speaks for the nation'.

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Indian artists like actor Shabana Azmi, designer Wendell Rodricks and filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt have expressed their displeasure towards the maestro's ban saying that music knows no boundaries, while Pakistan's censor board chief hoped that the Indian government will handle the issue 'responsibly'.

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  • Spashtavakta10-Oct-2015

    Uttering such rubbish against such a great singer shows his sick mind. This is not the first time. He hould introspect and try to improve at least in his behaviour, if not in singing.

  • jcrosse09-Oct-2015

    Abhijeet a second rate jealous singer is not worth the dust on any artists shoes. Ignore that madcap.

  • jcrosse09-Oct-2015

    Abhijeet is a failed jealous mediocre artist. Just trying to kiss up.

  • sms10-Oct-2015

    Abhijeet is the one worst singer ever india has produce. B'cos of this type singer our country name is going down. Y he is jealous of other if he is incompetent with them. It like jackle say grapes are sour. Instead of commenting he can do more riyaz practise to over come them. Just not by saying un usual language for them will make him on limelight. Stupid

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