Giant 404-carat diamond worth Rs 98 crore found in Angola

A giant diamond, thought to be one of the biggest ever found, has been discovered in southern Africa.

Miners from an Australian company unearthed the virtually flawless white diamond in a remote part of Lunda Norte province in northeastern Angola.

Giant diamondRepresentational pic. Courtesy/ Thinkstock

The gemstone is thought to be 404 carats and valued at around £10million, according to the Lucapa Diamond Company.

Company chairman Miles Kennedy told Australian news outlet ABC the diamond - the largest ever found in Angola - is valued at around $14million US dollars.

He told the news channel: "We're not used to valuing 400-carat diamonds, but if we look at other diamonds slightly less weight than this, you're looking in the order of $20 million."

The diamond measures 7cm long smashes the record set by the 'Angolan Star', a 217-carat diamond discovered in 2007.

Lupaca believes the huge gem is the 27th biggest diamond ever recorded.

The discovery was part of the Lulo Diamond Project, a partnership between Lucapa, private Angolan company Rosas e Pétalas and Angola’s national diamond company, Endiama, the Daily News reported.

Lucapa has been mining in the area since August last year.

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