Gifts from the lap of nature

Nov 21, 2011, 11:24 IST | Anurupa Dongare

Delhi-based store The Nature's Co. have set up their first outlet in Pune. The GUIDE drops by for a peek and comes away feeling refreshed and rejuvenated

There must be at least 15 beauty and wellness stores in the city. What makes The Nature's Co. stand out in the crowd is its unique concept and execution. This is apparent right from its welcoming ambience to the size of the store itself -- twice the size of most -- to the polite shop assistants. We were pleasantly surprised when the staff asked our permission before spritzing us with perfume or slathering cream on an unsuspecting hand.

Heal the world
The Nature's Co also doesn't parade the fact that their products are completely vegan: They don't use honey or bee's wax � a common ingredient used in most lip balms, shampoos and soaps. They are associated with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), also in keeping with the company's stand on animal rights.

The in-house spa at The Nature's Co.

The Natures Co. regularly updates their product range.

Exotic ingredients
If you love exotic ingredients in your bath products, check out their range that uses seaweed and even calendula flowers as raw material. The products are inspired by the five elements of nature namely, air, sun, water, forest and earth.

"The five elements are part of our store. Every product has something that is related to these elements," says Natasha Shah, founder, The Natures Co., adding, "We believe that if a mango-based product is good for your skin, we will only have a body wash or skin cream available that uses that ingredient. We don't believe in the head-to-toe approach." Since the products are 100% natural, they can also be used on newborns, says Natasha.

In-house spa
There is an in-house spa, where on can relax and avail of the wellness treatments, using any of their products.
The only downside? It's the only store in the city. So, one needs to head all the way to Viman Nagar where the store is located.

All in all, we give them a thumbs-up for their back-to-nature approach and unique range of products.

At The Nature's Co, Level 1, Phoenix Market City, Nagar Road.

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