While civil surgeon Vinayak More insists there is no need fora Karyotype test for detection of the sex of the foetus which was allegedly aborted by a 22-year-old resident of Talegaon Dabhade, members of Lek Ladki have alleged that the matter is being suppressed.

Girl killed in womb? Activists to lodge complaintagainst civil surgeon More

The activists said they would now register a complaint against More and will approached the collector. MiD DAY had first reported the case on March 6 (‘Another girl child killed in the womb?’).

Activists claimed that the woman and her husband opted for abortion after they discovered that it was a female foetus. More had initiated an inquiry into the matter and also sent reports to the state-run Sassoon hospital for a second opinion. Also, a biological sample collected from the lady’s uterus was sent to the institute for determination of sex of the foetus.

The civil surgeon had said that there was a possibility of the abortion being spontaneous, but more information was required. Apart from this, police and doctors appear to be passing the buck in the matter.

“We had sent a document for expert opinion from Sassoon hospital, and we have got the inferences. According to the experts, there is no need for a Karyotype test, so we are not going to do that,” said Vinayak More, Civil surgeon. More also said that a case cannot be filed till the woman comes forward and makes her version clear about the sex determination.

Reacting to this, Varsha Deshpande of Lek Ladki said, “We had informed them about the sex determination and possibility of abortion, but the concerned authorities did not act. And now they are saying that they are not going to file a case, as they don’t have a complainant. So, considering this, if the civil surgeon does not act, we will file a case against him, and also contact the collector.”