'Girls are like girgits'

While the world's taking a panga with the 'Pungi' song, Mika is happy about its popularity and believes that some of its lyrics may actually be true

With the Pungi track recently coming under scrutiny for ruffling quite a few feathers with its lyrics, singer Mika says he can't help but agree with some of the sentences in the song.

Referring to the words of the song that goes something like thisĀ -- Laila hai girgit ke jaisi, Table pe tirkit ke jaisi, Lipstick ka thappa lagati hai, Gaalon pe smooch maar ke, the singer says, "Well, I do agree with some of the lyrics of the song (laughs out loud).

Some girls do change their colours like a chameleon.... Laila Hai Girgit Ke Jaisi. Men are emotional fools to get swayed away easily. Boys will be boys after all. You should see how some girls empty the pockets of their guys."

Does the song remind him of any personal experience? Mika breaks into guffaws and says, "I will confess that I have also been fooled on some occasions. You guys have all heard about how Emperor Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal for his late wife Mumtaz. That's a good example of how mad a beautiful woman can drive a man."

Speaking about the allegations on music director Pritam having plagiarised the song, in true Mika-style, the singer says, "The song is on everyone's lips. A lot of credit for the song goes to Pritamda (music composer Pritam). He had given me enough freedom to sing it my way. I sang it with lots and lots of masti and energy."

Elaborating on the efforts that went in to making the song, the singer states, "The fast part of the song was the toughest to execute. I also had to keep in mind that it was shot with Saif Ali Khan, whom I hadn't sang for earlier."

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