Car Free Day that is being organised on November 27 encourages you to forgo your four-wheeler and take a walk, quite literally to spread awareness about carbon emissions from vehicles

Turn off your engines and wear comfortable shoes, says the Greenmile Foundation, a non-profit organisation that aims to cure 'car addicts' and control the city's carbon emission. Because on November 27, you might just have to do that. On this date, some parts of the city will observe World Car Free Day. 


Most other cities, however, celebrated this day on September 22 As part of this initiative, a 20 km area, stretching from CST station to Fashion Street, will be closed to cars from 7 am to noon. Events like Bike-a-thon and Walk-a-thon have been planned and you can register for it on their website.

The Greenmile Foundation which is backing this initiative has also launched a number of tongue-in-cheek posters (visuals on left and right) to encourage more people to 'un-car' themselves. One poster shows a man injecting himself with Prozac to calm his nerves when caught in a traffic jam, and in another poster, a driver's vehicle lets off smoke that kills passers by.  

Among other things, the foundation is also advising citizens to carpool to work or use public transport, instead of everyone bringing out their cars. According to the organisers of the event, they are trying to promote improvement of mass transit, cycling, walking and carpooling, and the development of communities where jobs are closer to home and shopping is within walking distance.

A 20 kilometres stretch from CST station that winds through, Marine Drive, Nariman Point, Girgaum Chowpatty and Fashion Street will remain shut to motorised traffic from 7am to 12 pm on November 27. This zone will also cater to events like a Bike-a-thon and a Walk-a-thon. A merit certificate and a cash prize of Rs 50,000 will be awarded to winners of the race.

To register, visit: