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Sep 15, 2011, 10:41 IST | Dhara Vora
Beware: Home Collective's massive collection of over 700 bar, kitchen and office accessories might make you want to empty out your wallet

If the sight of the boring old utensils and gloomy snack boxes makes you want to turn back to the kitchen, then head to Home Collective to pick up some cool products.

Started by Anay Choksey and Pooja Kejriwal, Home Collective is a month-old store which stocks home products like bar accessories, kitchen utensils (cooking and serving), bathroom and landscaping products, clocks and gifting options for men.

Home Collective stocks everything from bar
accessories to gifting options for men

Although a bit pricey, the products, sourced from 27 different European brands, are simple as well as artistic.
We loved the Box Appetit (Rs 2,300) that comes with a carry bag and Velcro hinges, which serves as a cleaning cloth when opened. The also have ice trays in which the ice can be frozen along with stirrers and put directly in the glass.

Home Collective's kitchen knick knacks include a wide range of peelers, knives, trivets, lemon juice removers, coasters that serve as bottle openers (Rs 1,725 for a set of four) and finger guards to pick up hot vessels (Rs 275).

Troika's range of gift accessories for men include sleek card holders which are designed to make sure the cards don't drop out unannounced, tabletop pen stands in quirky shapes and even shoe polish sets!

Their landscaping products include planters with inbuilt lights and beautiful pots that sit pretty on the windowsill (Rs 5,500 onwards).
The pots are an aesthetic as well as intelligent buy as a little device attached on the side indicates when your plants need to be watered. Smart.

The GUIDE says, go for these
1] Ready 4 Take Off
(Rs 2,620) With four pens in place of blades, this helicopter won't fly but it can be used as a paperweight. It's also magnetic so you can use it to store pins.

2] Spilt milk bowl (Rs 999) The breakfast bowl, shaped like spilt milk, will make sure you begin each day without a regret. It's also microwave safe.

3] Lego and mechanical spoon set Kids will love this set of cutlery with Lego blocks (Rs 1,040) and the mechanical spoon set (Rs 720) can even tempt grown-ups.

4] Bunny-eared pepper crushers (Rs 350) These pepper crushers with bunny ears (which crush the pepper when pressed) come with a magnet on the back and are cute enough to be put on the fridge or just placed on the tabletop.

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