Give your kitchen an artsy makeover

If you have a longstanding love affair with your kitchen, courtesy the long hours you spend inside, rustling up delicious fare, it’s apt that it should reflect your personality and look its very best. To help you add a dash of zing to your kitchen is A Not So Casual Kitchen, an exhibition at furniture store Anemos featuring aesthetic and unusually designed products for the kitchen. Here, you can also interact with 13 designers who will share tips on kitchen spaces.

Mosaic white and black mix kitchenware by MeGusta
Mosaic white and black mix kitchenware by MeGusta

The exhibition is curated by Chanda Chaudhary, CEO, The Fuschia Tree that creates a common platform for artists, designers, curators and writers. Speaking about the event, Chaudhary says, “I’ve lived abroad for over 15 years. When I returned to India two years ago, I found it tough to find handcrafted yet functional objects for my kitchen and dining spaces.

Art-N-Light tray
Art-N-Light tray

It’s from this scenario that I got the idea to host the exhibition. For the event, we have handpicked designers from across India who use materials and designs in an innovative way and marry functionality with beauty. We have also carefully curated the range they will bring to the show.”

Varnam paper towel holder
Varnam paper towel holder

Kitchen cool
The line-up of participants include designer Adarsh Gill who has created a line of table-ware, Jaipur-based store Anantaya Decor which works with women and workers to keep traditional crafts alive and Vineeta Nair’s Art-n-light products such as hooks (for pans), kitchen stands (for onions, tea and coffee) made using decoupage techniques.

There will also be a vintage kitchen assembled by Anemos, which will include a collection of graters, ladles, jugs, jars, instruments like the buttermilk churner and betel nut cracker. You can also shop for a range of kitchen art posters. This apart, Home Collective will showcase their best-selling designs, Le Crueset will sell a range of casseroles and kettles and MeGusta will develop a new range of kitchen accessories.

At the event, young designers will create contemporary ceramic plates, platters and stone ware while the SPJ Sadhana School for handicapped and mentally challenged will showcase a range of handmade napkins, tissue holders and coasters. Other participating brands include The Art Furniture Company, The Summer House, Varnam by Karthik (they’ve created a collection inspired by the Tom & Jerry chase) and Under the Mango Tree.

Chaudhary, who has attended several such shows abroad, observes that it’s the first such show in India. Summing up the experience, she says: “Art makes life beautiful and great design brings art in every aspect of our lives making the ordinary extraordinary. When we as consumers choose handcrafted, individually designed objects versus mass-produced products, we start to make our homes and spaces more beautiful, allowing us to stop a bit and admire the existing beauty.”

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