'Global Baba' - Movie Review

Mar 11, 2016, 20:25 IST | Shubha Shetty-Saha

'Global Baba'
U; Satire
Director: Manoj Tiwari
Cast: Sanjay Mishra, Ravi Kishan, Abhimanyu Singh, Pankaj Tripathi
Rating: 3/5

Somewhere at the end of this Manoj Tiwari film, a line that flashes on screen: 'Let the Godmen earn your trust, not earn from your trust.' This loaded statement kind of sums up the intention of the film. Right intention, well executed and decently performed, Global Baba makes for a good watch.

Global BabaPoster of 'Global Baba'

Tiwari takes on the godmen of the country and the blind faith that they seem to automatically invoke with their mere existence. A crook (Abhimanyu Singh), trying to escape cops with the help of another petty crook Dhamroo (Pankaj Tripathi), turns into a godman overnight and prefers calling himself Global baba. False stories are spread about Global baba's miracles and soon enough, he gets an enviable number of worshippers, which include a few wily politicians. Global baba has usurped a huge piece of land to set up his ashram, and there is nothing anyone can do to oust him as they fear incurring the wrath of the powerful people who are by now linked to him, by hook or crook.

Police chief Jacob (Ravi Kishan) knows baba's past and in order to bring him to book, seeks the help of Home Minister Gullu Yadav (Akhilendra Tripathi). Gullu uses a local journalist Bhavna (Sandeepa Dhar) to expose the baba, but baba turns out to be much smarter than all of them.

The film with its tongue firmly in its cheek content, gives a timely, strong message of how blind faith and mob mentality can be easily manipulated by anybody in this country. No business like god business, says Dhamroo in a matter-of-fact manner. Even though this business will continue thriving in this country, kudos to Tiwari for saying it as it is through this film.

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