Danish activist wins hearts of foodies with her 'world famous' delicacy, joins hands with city firm for mission to educate the downtrodden and help them set up micro-businesses

Danish activist Fanny Posselt, known for fuelling up the gastronomic cravings of people across the world through her delectable hotdogs since 2003, also has some food for thought on offer for Bangaloreans.

Fanny Posselt's Danish hotdogs sold like hotcakes
in the city yesterday

According to Fanny, she is out on a mission to educate and serve the poorest of the poor from every country across the globe and whatever money is earned by selling hotdogs is used for charity purpose.

After putting up her stalls in countries like Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, Fanny has now set up her kiosk at the Danish Trade Commissioner's house where she is preparing hotdogs for a select crowd in the city.

"There is no price tag on my hotdogs. People simply contribute whatever they want and the amount is utilised for charity purposes," said Fanny.

Asked what was so special about her hotdogs and why they were selling like hotcakes in the city, Fanny told MiD DAY that she had done a good research on Indian eating habits a couple of months before her trip. "I have brought with me traditional Danish hotdogs for the Bangalore crowd and they loved it.
But, during my research, I also learnt that a good number of Indians are vegetarians. So I have come up with a new kind of hotdog that is a combination of Danish and Indian ingredients. And I have named this Dandian vegetarian hotdog, which has also became an instant hit with the foodies here," she said.

The activist has joined hands with Flexitron, which deals into solar power, to create micro-enterprises where the poor and uneducated people could find employment. "My dream is to inspire and create a social change. This is why I started this venture.
The charity that has been collected from Bangalore would be used to create micro-businesses and those who are paid least attention and have nothing to sustain themselves - will be trained. Once trained, they will then be provided employment.

"There was a lot of curiosity around my stall and people were really excited. This excitement was indeed gripping and hopefully people will be inspired by my social stance and will take the initiative ahead," she added.