Go ballistic!

I am not of the kinds who could spend hours playing with a Rubik's Cube but Lego; I would live in a Lego house if life were simpler! I'd rather have fun looking at a city made of tiny blocks than a block with uni-coloured walls that one usually sees.

So, when I stumbled upon the rather curiously-packaged Nanodots or tiny magnetic balls, it set the ball rolling. I left all my work and immediately went into constructor / designer mode.

While Lego is hugely popular among most kids, Nanodots can be a tad difficult as apart from geometric shapes for the base, one also has to keep in mind the bipolarity and the density of the base shapes as it can make or ruin your structure.
In the beginning all that my colleagues and I could make were neckpieces, rings and anklets and chuckle at the amusing shapes that were evolving in front of our eyes.
It does take a little time to get a hang of the amusing shapes that emerge but once you know the trick there's nothing stopping you. This diamond-shaped structure was my first proud creation. The price can be a deterrent though.

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