Go places with Gond art

Wish for some retail therapy with a difference? Add ethnic chic to your wardrobe by opting for products that showcase Gond art, the traditional tribal art from Central India.

Handpainted Trihippy Trio T-shirt (Rs 599)
Handpainted Trihippy Trio T-shirt (Rs 599) 

Pulpypapaya, an Indore-based company offers a wide variety of bags, including totes, clutches and satchels, T-shirts (for men and women), footwear, neckpieces as well as artefacts and stationery inspired by this art. We particularly loved the unique designs on the tees.

Since each is handpainted, there is no fear of spotting someone wearing the same design as yours. The colourful slip-ons in cloth, jute, leather and ethnic clutches are our faves too.

Long Lace Green Slip-On (Rs 399)
Long Lace Green Slip-On (Rs 399) 

While the footwear (Rs 399 onwards) and tees (Rs 599 onwards) are affordable, some of the clutches are a tad steep (Rs 1,699). We don't mind it as long as it's one-of-a-kind. What say?

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Busy Gond Women canvas clutch (Rs 899)

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