Goat feasts on chicken, fish!

According to Sakeer of Nurungel near here, his goat has almost made the non-veg fare its regular menu, never missing a chick that happens to pass by it. The goat also relishes leftover of fish, served to it by Sakeer's wife. 

Hatke news, Goat feasts on chicken, fish!
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Sakeer has bought the goat some six months back. A few days later, he found a chick missing from his pen. He blamed it on snakes or mongoose that often sneak into his courtyard.

But as chicks went on missing, he kept vigil and to his great surprise one day he found the goat making a feast of one of his chicks. He later confirmed the goat's diet preference by offering a chick to it, which she savoured within minutes.

"The goat has eaten about 50 chicks in the last six months," Sakeer claimed, adding, "it has not developed any health problem on account of the non-veg menu." According to veterinarians, it could be due to some genetic disorder that Sakeer's goat made a habit of eating meat and fish. They have collected blood samples of the goat for laboratory tests.  

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